Adult Kender resemble young teenage humans: Aside from their pointed ears, they could pass as human youths. Despite their attenuate limbs, kender are well-muscled. Most stand between 3'6" and 3'9" tall, although some few grow to be up to four and a half feet. Mature kender weigh between 85 and 105 pounds. Typically, kender faces bear the intense, bright-eyed inquisitiveness of children. Happy kender grin madly; sad kender wear an intractable pout. When throwing taunts, kender look impish and shout in an incredibly grating tone. Their emotional intensity is infectious. In their countless pouches, pockets, and belt packs, kender carry a wide assortment of junk. Kender of all ages share a childlike nature: curious, fearless, irrepressible independent, lazy, taunting, and irresponsible with others possessions. Kender come from the continent of Arkania in the city of Balifore, but due to their wandering habits, there are rarely ever there. Kender receive pick lock for free due to it being one of a kender's most passionate hobbies. They receive dodge for being so quick and nimble. They, of course, get peek for free as they can't seem to stay out of others possessions. And sneak for being light. they can also detect hidden people. Due to their nature they resist to disease and poison. But they are vulnerable to magic and their curiosity put them in big troubles often.