With the recent excavations unearthing paths to the Underdark, the race of dark dwarves known as Duergar has made its way into Thera. Like their surface cousins they are strong, though their evil ways have changed them in other areas. Unlike their cousins, they are not known for working stone and metal, something which has made them less hearty over time. They have become more dexterous through centuries of thievery and deceit. Because of their many years underground, they have become adept at seeing through the shadows. All Duergar are evil. Duergar are slightly taller and thinner then their surface cousins. The average duergar is approximately 4'6". The complexion of the duergar is almost ebony, and without fail they have dark, thick, and greasy beards. Duergar share the resistance of their surface dweller cousins to poison and magic, though their long sojourn in Darkness has made them vulnerable to holy attacks as well as to light.