So what Classes can i play?

Currently we offer these classes!

************ WARRIOR ************

Warriors live for combat and the thrill of battle. They are the best fighters of all the classes, but lack the subtle skills of thieves and the magical talents of mages and priests. Warriors are best for those who don't mind taking the direct approach, even when another method might be called for. Warriors begin with skill in the sword, and gain a second attack in combat.

************ RANGER ************

Outdoorsmen, hunters, masters of woodcraft, Rangers are the guardians of the forests. In addition to having excellent fighting skills, they are also wielders of some powerful magic. Some Rangers have been known to call large bears to their aid, fashion mystical staves, and be able to camouflage beyond detection. Their ability to ambush opponents makes them deadly foes. Rumors say they practice in the forest west of Midgaard, south of shire, in Haon's dor Forest.

************ Thief ************

Thieves are a marginal class. They do few things better than any other class, but have the widest range of skills available. Thieves are specialists at thievery and covert actions, being capable of entering areas undetected where more powerful adventurers would fear to tread. They are better fighters than clerics, but lack the wide weapon selection of warriors.

************ Transmuter ************

Transmuters are magic users that is in dire need of nature, to cast spells. They need to an already existing object to help them atchive there goals. They are masters of mind controll.

************ Invoker ************

Unlike the Transmuter, the invoker does not need to incorporate an existing thing into their spells. Instead, magical energy is invoked/evoked to create the desired effect. Known primarily for their abilities to use and control fire, lightning, and ice, the Invoker is also able to imbue items with magical properties.

************ Necromancer ************

The necromancers are very powerfull spellmasters that have explored, and perfected they use of dead creatures in there magic. The spells they master are not only deadly, necromancers are even known to raise the dead for there own needs.

************ Cleric ************

Clerics are the most defensively orientated of all the classes. Most of their spells focus on healing or defending the faithful, with their few combat spells being far less powerful than those of mages. However, clerics are the best class by far at healing magics, and they posess an impressive area of protective magics, as well as fair combat prowess.

************ Paladin ************

A paladin lives and dies by his strong belevies, they give there lifes to serve the gods and slay all that is evil. The gods has smiled uppond them and given them strong magical abbilitys to strengthen them in battle.

************ Anti-Paladin ************

Anti-Paladins are the fanatical zealots serving evil deities as crusaders, commanders, and champions. They are the profane standard-bearers, the battle-line breakers, and the unforgiving masters of fell armies. Anti-Paladins serve their deity by spreading their dogma and mercilessly slaying those who refuse to convert. The evil of an anti-paladin is an unequivocal force that shakes even the mightiest warriors of goodness.